It’s quite hard to figure out the best toys for your child. This is true specifically if you are a first time parent. The main problem in this case is that kids often prefer different toys. There are currently people working hard out there to make kids toys gender neutral. The idea is that fewer girls choose stem occupations in the future due to the way they are raised. Although this claim can’t be proven there is the need to pick the right toys for your kids.

Toys are kids best play thing. Although you might enjoy taking some time of work to play with your child, however there is always that day when you don’t have time to play with your kids. That’s when toys can play a critical role.

Toys can also help your child learn new things. This means you need to get toys that have a positive impact on your child’s development. Some psychologists say that toys like legos will improve your child’s interest in engineering.

Toys based on gender

Although this is very controversial, kids will mostly choose toys based on their gender. Girls will most likely prefer dolls and play houses, whilst boys will prefer toys such as legos and cars. However its best to allow them to make the toy decision on their own. Do not influence your child’s decision when it comes to picking toys.

Age appropriate toys

Remember that its always better to choose age appropriate toys for kids. That way you know they can’t harm themselves. Imagine a parent buying a knife for a 5 year old girl. That will definitely be inappropriate. You also can’t buy small toys that kids can swallow. Especially kids bellow the age of 3.

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