You prepare for your baby for nine months. But no book, no guides, and no podcats can prepare you for how to survive that first week. However, there are some tips to follow after bringing your baby home. It takes time to adjust to a newborn baby, and it is equally challenging for the newborn baby to survive the first few weeks. The change in its surrounding is a significant change for a new baby.

Find below how to survive the first week with a newborn

Ask for Help

Don’t be shy to ask for help if you need it. Many new moms face this, and it gets too overwhelming for mothers to manage a newborn alongside taking care of their usual responsibilities. 

Sleep with your Baby

Don’t wait for the right time to go to sleep. Sleep whenever the baby sleeps! Although we understand it can get a little hard for you to sleep any time during the day if you want to keep your sanity intact, sleep when the baby sleeps!

Stock on Groceries

Before the arrival of your baby, stock up on your groceries. Having a baby is a full-time job, and you might not get the time or the chance to leave your house for some days after your baby arrives. So make sure to stock up on your groceries if you want to avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store.

Keep Important Numbers Handy

Make sure to keep all the important numbers in one place if there’s an emergency and any number is needed while you are at the hospital. These numbers will include your midwives’ number, a lactation consultant’s number, urgent care numbers, and your baby paediatrician’s number.


Don’t try to handle everything all on your own since it can get a bit handful for the mother. Follow these tips before your baby arrives to have a smooth time after your baby arrives!

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