Toys can also be a dangerous thing for kids if they are not age appropriate. I am sure you have seen toys write “not for kids under the age of 3”. This warning sign is meant to prevent kids from getting injured by toys.

Physical injuries are not the only problem to face when it comes to buying toys for kids. Toys can make your kids play full and a bit irresponsible. It is the duty of the parent to enforce strict toy time. Don’t allow your child to play with toys any time they want. Your kids need to learn that there is a time for everything. A time to play and a time to work.

Toys and destruction from everyday life.

Kids generally love playing. They will take any chance they get to play with their toys. This may cause a serious destruction. If they are school children then you can expect to see them playing with their toys instead of doing their homework.

Kids who like playing a lot with toys usually don’t get the chance to socialize with other kids. Playing with other kids is an important social skill especially for kids who are growing up. They will need those social skills once they grow up.

Toys as harmful objects.

Toys can also be harmful objects especially for small kids who can end up swallowing them. Remember that kids are less responsible so buying them toys they could harm themselves with is not a good idea.

Some toys such as drones should not be purchased for naughty kids. They might end up using them for spying on neighbors or restricted zones. This might put you in a legal mess.

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